Un voyage autour du monde..

Un voyage autour du monde..


recap photos of the last days

i ve to write in english for our English speaker friends all around the world.
so if i can do it without a dictionary , my french readers could understand ...
after few days in big cities like Saigon or Phnom Penh, we leave the land for the sea. and the pollution for the air.
a long way toward the happiness of fresh air and beach time.
we stayed 2 days in Mui Ne , little fisherman village near the south china sea, first we wanted to stay more but the hotel and the area were not so good. so we kept going to the highlands , in Da Lat , little town in the mountains . the weather is cooler ,even cold at night.
we savour a lot of good dishes here in Viet-Nam , like spring rolls , fried chiken ,fried beef with a lot of different sauce and also with lemon grass , so good.
the life here is totally different , as Vavi said , "it is another culture", ok but sometimes is a weird culture.
i think we look stupid to them but for me it s the opposite. ( we re just a dollar note with legs)
the way they drive is worse than in Roma, can u imagine ! the priority on the road is for the vehicle who s the bigger claxon.
they are all crazy on the road , but today we were so brave that we rent 2 motorbikes to go to the elephant waterfalls , 30km far from here... waou ! outside the city is easier to drive even if cars , trucks and motos go in the middle of the road. it was (really) better than yesterday when we took bikes from the hotel (free bikes) to go to other waterfalls , only 5 km from here.
wrong idea , cause the way to go was down the mountain so imagine the way back ....crazy mother fu..er idea by me .and didn t even see the waterfalls cause it s an attraction for kids and rich Vietnamese tourists.
that s it .we ve enjoyed our holidays , for the moment . see you soon on the way .
and send a lot of comments .
love from Shantaram.

5 commentaires:

  1. If you are able to write in english I have to be able to do the same.
    And I don't use google translate.
    But i'll be shorter than usual !
    I just want to know where is Nico on the black and white picture ?! it's a question between me and mamich !
    Always happy to follow you in your travel.
    Keep living your dream...but be carefull on the road.

  2. ciao vi vedo "ingrassati" continuate a parlare di cibi meravigliosi nelle foto siete sempre a banchettare ma è solo un viaggio alla ricerca di nuovi sapori? scherzo siamo felici di constatare che va tutto bene. Qui tutto bene, si lavora e si suona un sacco di contratti quando faremo la festa in francia per il vs. ritorno saremo famosissimi in media ora suoniamo 4 volte al mese,paura per le varie mogli, musi lunghi come TAPIRI!!!!!! un bacio

  3. Ciao, vi vedo molto bene, devi dire a Nicolino se non lo sà che ai mondiali è uscita sia la France che l'Italia, ho visto che to mama la combinà la sua, molto bene!
    Avanti così!

  4. lo sa.. lo sa.. Ci fa vedere tutte ( o quasi) le partite..siamo aggiornatissssimi!! e ha goduto per l'uscita della Franzia (domenech gli sta sulle balle).
    Tifa Argentina..ole'!
    Un bacio a voi!

  5. thank you again for the english!! aussie mates!! we are so excited!! we are preparing for you right now!! H U R R Y UP!!!!!! i cant WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!