Un voyage autour du monde..

Un voyage autour du monde..


Hue et ouai!

I've to apologize for the generalities i said in the last message....
not all of the people here in Viet-Nam are stupid or mean ; I am .
it s maybe because I've spend to much time on the tourist path , but when you go out of the city , in the countryside, every body is great and happy with a huge sense of hospitality .
yesterday we took a motor-bike and we drove through the countryside in the middle of rice fields.
really beautiful , pure and green!!!
we went on a beach , 45 min from Hue' city , only fishermen and us in the sea. So great.
on the way back we took another road even better , little road without cars or trucks, drive at 40 km\h , took pictures and enjoyed our magic moment.
we were happy and we finally love this country.
our 4 days in Hue' were excellent, more quiet than the other towns or places we've been .
we found a little cool restaurant near the hotel where we went every day for eating or drinking fruit juice (special mention for the coffee milk shake) , i will miss them all.
the people here are nice and kind, always smiling.
we know there are assholes every where and in all countries , we've just to avoid them .
see you soon .
"happiness only real when shared"

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  1. "L'expérience est le nom que tout le monde donne à ses erreurs."
    C'est bien poulet car le plus important c'est pas de ne pas se tromper mais de savoir le reconnaitre quand c'est le cas.
    Je vois que ce voyage en plus des beaux paysages t'apporte sagesse et maturité !
    On pense fort à vous.
    Plein de bisous
    On vous M

  2. sono dei posti meravigliosi,voi vedo state benissimo mi mancate divertitevi e pensate che state vivendo una avventura meravigliosa.
    qui tutto bene vi salutano anche i nonni.baci