Un voyage autour du monde..

Un voyage autour du monde..



Here is your English message my sister!!!
We arrived in Bangkok as u can see...rain, hot weather, and a lot of nice little Thai people.. ;)
The flight we were on from London was headed to Sydney... we have thought for a moment to make u a surprise but we changed our minds thinking about the second surprise it would have been for my mum cherie...when she would have discovered her alone in Cambodia... ;)
So...just one month... this time for real... and then we will discover what an Aussie Fiesta is like in Aussie Land! arribaaaaaa..!

3 commentaires:

  1. wow..have a great experience guys!!(e non lo dubito!)
    keep posting texts and photos, I hope I'll see you around the world..south america in a few months is an option! ;)
    baci baci from nicaragua

  2. Hey! Raquel isn't the only one who can't speak French/Italian!:) Enjoy your expedition & keep us updated. Best! Lukasz

  3. So good u wrote in english! I miss u so much my dear tilburg family! vavi&nico i am waiting for u soon, have all the fun in the world while u r discovering it!! get in trouble and fall in love all over again. keep writing in all languages, its fun! and maybe i'll catch some french or italian in the way! long live the 50th floor!