Un voyage autour du monde..

Un voyage autour du monde..


Angkor Wat Temples

After an adventurous and super cheap train trip from bangkok to Aranya Prathet (last village before the cambodian border)... we made it through tha fake immigration officers that tried to make us pay an almost double priced visa to enter the country.
Mother Lonely Planet did her job!!!!we knew how to handle this situation and we succeeded joining the real border with the real immigration officers that made the visa for a reasonable price...it's price... just 23 dollars.
Just the time to get on a free shuttle to the bus station and we took another bus to the first Cambodian city: sisophon. A non touristic city...where we were the main attraction and where, after visiting a french association that helps poor Cambodian children assuring their education, we tested our stomachs eating in a local restaurant.
Everything OK!! until now!!!
We loved the food...except for some mysterious meat balls (that u can see on the pics...nico's face is really expressive!!) for which i am mot questioning myself about what they were made of anymore....it is better!!!!!!! :)

Now we are in Siem Reap... close to the magnificent site of Angkor Wat.
We are taking our time to get to know the little city, waiting for my mum MaNutella that will arrive tomorrow and will join us for 3 weeks of adventure through Cambodia and Vietnam!
How are u all doing our English speakers friends???
Leave messages if u can... it's always a pleasure to read news and comments...it make us feel a bit more close to you!!!
Keep on living your dreams!

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